A Guide To 2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer

A Guide To 2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer

The 2022-23 Premier League is nearing its conclusion. But for whatever reason, Panini has only released its flagship EPL release with a few games left in the schedule.

Still, Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer is one of the foundational releases for soccer collectors. So, many collectors will be excited to get their hands on these boxes. But how does this release stack up against previous years?

Read our full 2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer review to find out.

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2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer release date

As mentioned, the 2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer boxes are dropping late this year with a release date of March 24, 2023. Last year, there were also delays, so the hobby boxes saw the light of day on March 8, 2022. But, the further delay may have resulted from Panini’s focus on its World Cup releases late last year.

Meanwhile, the hybrid versions will be available on April 12, 2023. The Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer usually has a reasonably robust retail selection as well.

We don’t have that date yet, but it should be in late April or early May. Last year, we saw cereal boxes, mega boxes, and blasters in retail outlets.

Shop for 2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League soccer boxes on eBay

History of Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer

The first edition of Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer was released for the 2018-19 season. Why it took the soccer card and sticker giant until 2019 to obtain the rights to the best soccer league in the world is an open question.

But they finally got around to it before the league’s popularity in the United States exploded during the COVID pandemic, and they will be glad to have done so. In 2021, Panini and the EPL renewed their partnership for an undisclosed number of years. Panini UK announced, “We are proud to be awarded the most prestigious license in the UK, and we relish the prospect of continuing to grow the market in the coming years.”

The first edition was a big hit. It’s unsurprising, considering it contained some of Panini’s heaviest-hitting inserts. In addition, it had a good offering of Kaboom! cards, as well as Color Blasts and other high-shelf inserts.

Since then, Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer’s annual release has been the calendar’s highlight for English soccer collectors. Of course, other brands have dropped occasionally, like Premier League Score and Select. But they are no match for the big kahuna in this genre. 

Shop for 2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League soccer boxes on eBay

2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer release formats

Hobby boxes

12 cards per pack.

12 packs per box.

12 boxes per case.

On average, one autographed card, 4 base Prizms Silver, 5 numbered base Prizms, 8 additional base prizms, and 6 insert cards per box.

A box presells for $300.

A case sells for $3,549.

Shop for 2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League soccer boxes on eBay

FOTL hobby boxes

12 cards per pack.

12 packs per box.

12 boxes per case.

1 Blue Shimmer Prizms Autograph; 1 Base Blue Shimmer Prizms Parallel (#/8); 4 Base Silver Prizms Parallels; 5 #’d Base Prizms Parallels; 7 Additional Prizms Parallels; 6 insert cards per box on average.

A box sells for $500.

Hybrid hobby box

9 cards per pack.

10 packs per box.

20 boxes per case.

3 base Prizms Silver, 8 additional Breakaway-Exclusive base Prizms, and 6 insert cards per box on average. One auto per two boxes on average.

A box sells for $150.

A case sells for $3,000.

The Pros Of 2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer

Prizm cards are always desirable; therefore, the best and wax in this release holds value very well. In addition, it brings the prestige of the most trusted and beloved line in major American sports, soccer.

The checklist is very comprehensive and up-to-date. In almost all cases, they include each team’s leading stars and key bench and rotation players.

Panini definitely shows more familiarity with the game as the years go by after some questionable decisions in the first couple of years of releases. We are also glad to see a robust selection of Color Blast cards in this product’s 2022-23 release.

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Cons of 2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer

One of the weakest elements in this release, and other Prizm boxes, are the almost exclusive use of sticker autos. Like most collectors, I am not a fan of these in general.

But something about how the classic Prizm borders offset those stickers looks positively tacky to me. I would much rather have an on-card auto or a sticker that clashes less with the rest of the design. And I suspect I am not alone.

It’s also disappointing to see that Panini no longer has Kaboom! inserts. The last time they included those babies was in 2020-21. Therefore, we can see a deliberate downgrading of the card on the part of Panini.

Not a good look for them. Hopefully, we will see them focus more attention on the Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer release when the company loses its rights to the NFL and NBA.

Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer player selection

I said that Panini is showing more understanding of the game in the pros section, and generally, they are. It’s no longer amateur hour over there. However, they are still making the occasional mistake which can upset the hardcore fans. For example, Japanese sensation Kaoru Mitoma doesn’t have a base rookie card in the set, despite the fact that he has been absolutely essential in Brighton & Hove Albion’s shockingly good season.

Other complaints are less serious. But still, we are almost at the end of the season. And probably the best long-term potential rookie they missed is Degnand Wilfried Gnonto, the gifted Italian winger currently catching for Leeds United.

 What excuse does Panini have for not updating headline transfers like the move of Leandro Trossard from Brighton to Arsenal? He still appears in his old kit on his 2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer card.

Worse, they haven’t included Liverpool’s Dutch star Cody Gakpo, though we have known about his transfer from multimillion transfer from PSV for months. So, they don’t get full points in our 2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer review.

Panini Prizm 2022-23 Premier League Soccer checklist

The checklist consists of 300 base cards. They also cover most of the critical starters in the league and some key bench players. Panini Prizm Premier League is not a cheap product.

But it is still a relatively set completist-friendly release. As someone who has completed all the previous sets, I can say it wasn’t all that difficult or taxing in terms of expense.

Shop for 2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League soccer boxes on eBay

Each base card has the following parallels:

Prizms Parallels

Green Ice

Green Pulsar




Pink Mosaic

Pink Stars

Purple Pulsar

Red Mosaic



White Sparkle,

Pink #/199

Blue #/175

Red #/149

Red Mojo #/99

Purple #/49

Blue Mojo #/25

Purple Mojo #/20

Orange #/15

Red Stars #/15

Pink Mojo #/11

Gold #/10

Gold Pulsar #/10

Blue Shimmer #/8

Lucky Envelopes #/8

Green #/5, Black 1/1

Breakaway Prizms Parallels

Base Breakaway

Pink #/99

Blue #/75

Red #/49

Purple #/25

Gold #/10

Green #/5

Black 1/1

Choice Prizms Parallels


 Tiger Stripe

Red #/30

Red/Blue/Purple #/15

Green #/5

Nebula 1/1

2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer inserts

As mentioned, this product no longer has Kaboom! inserts. But what do they feature? Here is an overview of the most important inserts.

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Prizm Parallels:


Orange #/25

Gold #/10

Blue Shimmer #/8

Green #/5

Black 1/1

These 40 cards insert series includes some of the most creative players in the league. And it celebrates their explosiveness by placing them with evocative fireworks in the background. Sometimes, the selection of players seems a bit arbitrary, but it does include many players with strong dribbling skills, like Allan Saint-Maximin and Jadon Sancho. These are attractive inserts, without a doubt. But, unfortunately, they are not worth much.

Instant Impact

Prizm Parallels:


Orange #/25

Gold #/10

Blue Shimmer #/8

Green #/5

Black 1/1

The purpose of this insert is unclear. I suppose these are players that can impact the game in an instant. Sure. But how is that different from, say, the Fireworks insert players? Indeed, the checklist is quite similar

. Unfortunately, the design has nothing to recommend it either. And not surprisingly, these cards are worth very little as a result. Even their low-numbered varieties sell for under $100. However, American collectors will be happy to see Christian Pulisic in this series.


An insert using cliched late 60s and early 70s design aesthetics. And combining that kind of old-school chic with modern players in EPL uniforms with advertisers on them can be jarring. So the 25-card set is unlikely to set many hearts a flutter.


The cards look exactly as you would expect a series named after a kaleidoscope to look. So, very little imagination here. It’s a new insert, so we don’t know what kind of value to expect from this 30-card series. But I dare say it won’t break the bank.

Color Blast

With Kaboom! gone, the Color Blast inserts are the big guys in this release. These cards have always been stunning, and the 2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer mockups hold up that tradition admirably.

However, remember that while these cards do well on the market, the Premier League versions generally do not do as well as the NBA and NFL versions. Most often, they go for hundreds rather than thousands. However, adding Erling Haaland to the mix should help with that.

Panini English Premier League Prizm

Speaking about the checklist, who is on it? This year it includes the following 25 players:

1 Bukayo Saka – Arsenal
2 Mohamed Salah – Liverpool FC
3 Heung-Min Son – Tottenham Hotspur
4 Erling Haaland – Manchester City
5 Virgil van Dijk – Liverpool FC
6 Anthony Elanga – Manchester United
7 Raheem Sterling – Chelsea FC
8 Martin Odegaard – Arsenal
9 Darwin Nunez – Liverpool FC
10 Harry Kane – Tottenham Hotspur
11 Phil Foden – Manchester City
12 Conor Gallagher – Chelsea FC
13 Michael Olise – Crystal Palace
14 Dean Henderson – Nottingham Forest FC
15 Reece James – Chelsea FC
16 Marcus Rashford – Manchester United
17 Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City
18 Joe Gelhardt – Leeds United
19 Mason Mount – Chelsea FC
20 Richarlison – Tottenham Hotspur
21 Jamie Vardy – Leicester City
22 Trent Alexander-Arnold – Liverpool FC
23 Julian Alvarez – Manchester City
24 David Beckham – Manchester United
25 Thierry Henry – Arsenal

Prizm Premier League Soccer value

Getting a box of Prizm Premier League Soccer isn’t cheap. The hobby boxes start at $300. But there is some concern about investing heavily in the product because the top hits don’t have the same value as the more prominent Prizm brands.

So, is buying 2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer boxes worth the expense? Let’s crunch the numbers and see.

Shop for 2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League soccer boxes on eBay


Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer has already been on the market for a few years. So, we can already glean some insights from previous years. The two most popular formats are the hobby box and the mega box releases. So, we will examine those.

Let’s look at hobby boxes first:

Release Value

2019-20 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer Hobby Box$550

2020-21 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer Hobby Box$260

2021-22 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer Hobby Box$150

The first-year hobby boxes hold up nicely. However, that is at least partially because the print run was smaller. The league was far less prevalent in the US at the time. The rookie class isn’t making a particularly significant difference. After all, there has yet to be a bank-breaking rookie from this series.

What about mega boxes:


2020-21 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer Mega Box$50

2021-22 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer Mega Box$39

Despite their good value in terms of promised hits, the mega boxes are not gaining importance. At least yet. They seem somewhat undervalued to me, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was upwards movement. Having said that, the trend is clear; Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer does not hold substantial value as wax.


If Panini Prizm Premier League is not a great hold, how does it fare as a rip? Only one way to find out. We looked at some of these releases’ more significant recent sales and what they went for.

Release Value

2021-22 Panini Prizm Premier League Cristiano Ronaldo Color Blast (PSA 10)$4,085

2020-21 Panini Prizm Premier League Marcus Rashford Auto /10 (PSA 9)$2,000

2020-21 Panini Prizm Premier League Heung Min-Son Fireworks Black Prizm 1/1$1,577

2021-22 Panini Prizm Premier League Gabriel Martinelli Cracked Ice /49 (PSA 10)$800

We don’t see too many massive single cards from this release. But a healthy number of cards is worth significantly more than the boxes. It’s also worth noting that a lot of the younger players in these boxes haven’t made a name for themselves yet, at least not in collector terms. But they will. So, there is definitely an upside to ripping.

The final word on 2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League soccer

Looking at the Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer product numbers, it is clear that some of the early sheens have fallen off. The value of wax, in particular, has gone down after some impressive highs in the past. Some of that is the general normalization of the market. Another part is that no massive rookies have emerged from the product yet. And it hasn’t helped that there is no Kabbom! inserts here anymore.

However, the fundamentals for Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer are strong. The league is growing in reach and popularity. Prizm is a beloved line with some great-looking cards. And as anyone who watched this league knows, the company has an immense wealth of talent. So, ripping and holding is a better option than the current numbers suggest.

Shop for 2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League soccer boxes on eBay

2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer checklist

1 Phil Foden – Manchester City
2 Ederson – Manchester City
3 Ruben Dias – Manchester City
4 Rodri – Manchester City
5 Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City
6 Jack Grealish – Manchester City
7 Joao Cancelo – Manchester City
8 Bernardo Silva – Manchester City
9 Erling Haaland – Manchester City
10 Riyad Mahrez – Manchester City
11 Kalvin Phillips – Manchester City
12 Kyle Walker – Manchester City
13 Ilkay Gundogan – Manchester City
14 John Stones – Manchester City
15 Cole Palmer – Manchester City
16 Julian Alvarez – Manchester City
17 Rico Lewis – Manchester City
18 Wilfried Zaha – Crystal Palace
19 Joachim Andersen – Crystal Palace
20 Eberechi Eze – Crystal Palace
21 Tyrick Mitchell – Crystal Palace
22 Jean-Philippe Mateta – Crystal Palace
23 Marc Guehi – Crystal Palace
24 Jordan Ayew – Crystal Palace
25 Michael Olise – Crystal Palace
26 Vicente Guaita – Crystal Palace
27 Odsonne Edouard – Crystal Palace
28 Jeffrey Schlupp – Crystal Palace
29 Chris Richards – Crystal Palace
30 Cheick Doucoure – Crystal Palace
31 Malcolm Ebiowei – Crystal Palace
32 David Raya – Brentford
33 Rico Henry – Brentford
34 Mikkel Damsgaard – Brentford
35 Ben Mee – Brentford
36 Christian Norgaard – Brentford
37 Kristoffer Ajer – Brentford
38 Bryan Mbeumo – Brentford
39 Yoane Wissa – Brentford
40 Pontus Jansson – Brentford
41 Aaron Hickey – Brentford
42 Vitaly Janelt – Brentford
43 Mathias Jensen – Brentford
44 Josh Dasilva – Brentford
45 Keane Lewis-Potter – Brentford
46 Declan Rice – West Ham United
47 Pablo Fornals – West Ham United
48 Tomas Soucek – West Ham United
49 Lukasz Fabianski – West Ham United
50 Gianluca Scamacca – West Ham United
51 Jarrod Bowen – West Ham United
52 Maxwel Cornet – West Ham United
53 Said Benrahma – West Ham United
54 Michail Antonio – West Ham United
55 Alphonse Areola – West Ham United
56 Aaron Cresswell – West Ham United
57 Manuel Lanzini – West Ham United
58 Kurt Zouma – West Ham United
59 Thilo Kehrer – West Ham United
60 Vladimir Coufal – West Ham United
61 Aleksandar Mitrovic – Fulham
62 Tosin Adarabioyo – Fulham
63 Harrison Reed – Fulham
64 Antonee Robinson – Fulham
65 Bobby De Cordova-Reid – Fulham
66 Andreas Pereira – Fulham
67 Neeskens Kebano – Fulham
68 Joao Palhinha – Fulham
69 Bernd Leno – Fulham
70 Tim Ream – Fulham
71 Issa Diop – Fulham
72 Kevin Mbabu – Fulham
73 Kenny Tete – Fulham
74 Tom Cairney – Fulham
75 Casemiro – Manchester United
76 Luke Shaw – Manchester United
77 Bruno Fernandes – Manchester United
78 Scott McTominay – Manchester United
79 Jadon Sancho – Manchester United
80 Raphael Varane – Manchester United
81 Marcus Rashford – Manchester United
82 Christian Eriksen – Manchester United
83 Diogo Dalot – Manchester United
84 Harry Maguire – Manchester United
85 David de Gea – Manchester United
86 Lisandro Martinez – Manchester United
87 Anthony Elanga – Manchester United
88 Fred – Manchester United
89 Tyrell Malacia – Manchester United
90 Alejandro Garnacho – Manchester United
91 Antony – Manchester United
92 Jamie Vardy – Leicester City
93 Wilfred Ndidi – Leicester City
94 James Maddison – Leicester City
95 Harvey Barnes – Leicester City
96 Wesley Fofana – Chelsea FC
97 Patson Daka – Leicester City
98 Wout Faes – Leicester City
99 Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall – Leicester City
100 Youri Tielemans – Leicester City
101 Timothy Castagne – Leicester City
102 Luke Thomas – Leicester City
103 Kelechi Iheanacho – Leicester City
104 James Justin – Leicester City
105 Daniel Amartey – Leicester City
106 Danny Ward – Leicester City
107 Mason Mount – Chelsea FC
108 Reece James – Chelsea FC
109 Edouard Mendy – Chelsea FC
110 Kai Havertz – Chelsea FC
111 Thiago Silva – Chelsea FC
112 Jorginho – Chelsea FC
113 Kalidou Koulibaly – Chelsea FC
114 Raheem Sterling – Chelsea FC
115 Conor Gallagher – Chelsea FC
116 Mateo Kovacic – Chelsea FC
117 Ben Chilwell – Chelsea FC
118 Christian Pulisic – Chelsea FC
119 Armando Broja – Chelsea FC
120 Trevoh Chalobah – Chelsea FC
121 Marc Cucurella – Chelsea FC
122 N’Golo Kante – Chelsea FC
123 Cesar Azpilicueta – Chelsea FC
124 Leandro Trossard – Brighton & Hove Albion
125 Adam Lallana – Brighton & Hove Albion
126 Lewis Dunk – Brighton & Hove Albion
127 Pascal Gross – Brighton & Hove Albion
128 Danny Welbeck – Brighton & Hove Albion
129 Robert Sanchez – Brighton & Hove Albion
130 Tariq Lamptey – Brighton & Hove Albion
131 Neal Maupay – Everton
132 Alexis Mac Allister – Brighton & Hove Albion
133 Deniz Undav – Brighton & Hove Albion
134 Julio Enciso – Brighton & Hove Albion
135 Moises Caicedo – Brighton & Hove Albion
136 Jeremy Sarmiento – Brighton & Hove Albion
137 Levi Colwill – Brighton & Hove Albion
138 Jesse Lingard – Nottingham Forest FC
139 Moussa Niakhate – Nottingham Forest FC
140 Dean Henderson – Nottingham Forest FC
141 Neco Williams – Nottingham Forest FC
142 Taiwo Awoniyi – Nottingham Forest FC
143 Joe Worrall – Nottingham Forest FC
144 Lewis O’Brien – Nottingham Forest FC
145 Orel Mangala – Nottingham Forest FC
146 Scott McKenna – Nottingham Forest FC
147 Brennan Johnson – Nottingham Forest FC
148 Morgan Gibbs-White – Nottingham Forest FC
149 Ryan Yates – Nottingham Forest FC
150 Harry Toffolo – Nottingham Forest FC
151 Renan Lodi – Nottingham Forest FC
152 Bukayo Saka – Arsenal
153 Martin Odegaard – Arsenal
154 Ben White – Arsenal
155 Gabriel Jesus – Arsenal
156 Granit Xhaka – Arsenal
157 Kieran Tierney – Arsenal
158 Gabriel – Arsenal
159 Emile Smith Rowe – Arsenal
160 Aaron Ramsdale – Arsenal
161 Gabriel Martinelli – Arsenal
162 Takehiro Tomiyasu – Arsenal
163 Oleksandr Zinchenko – Arsenal
164 Eddie Nketiah – Arsenal
165 Fabio Vieira – Arsenal
166 Marquinhos – Arsenal
167 William Saliba – Arsenal
168 Albert Sambi Lokonga – Arsenal
169 Allan Saint-Maximin – Newcastle United
170 Joe Willock – Newcastle United
171 Callum Wilson – Newcastle United
172 Sven Botman – Newcastle United
173 Miguel Almiron – Newcastle United
174 Matt Targett – Newcastle United
175 Joelinton – Newcastle United
176 Nick Pope – Newcastle United
177 Kieran Trippier – Newcastle United
178 Sean Longstaff – Newcastle United
179 Bruno Guimaraes – Newcastle United
180 Ryan Fraser – Newcastle United
181 Jacob Murphy – Newcastle United
182 Elliot Anderson – Newcastle United
183 Mohamed Salah – Liverpool FC
184 Harvey Elliott – Liverpool FC
185 Andy Robertson – Liverpool FC
186 Fabinho – Liverpool FC
187 Darwin Nunez – Liverpool FC
188 Diogo Jota – Liverpool FC
189 Trent Alexander-Arnold – Liverpool FC
190 Virgil van Dijk – Liverpool FC
191 Jordan Henderson – Liverpool FC
192 Alisson Becker – Liverpool FC
193 Luis Diaz – Liverpool FC
194 Roberto Firmino – Liverpool FC
195 Ibrahima Konate – Liverpool FC
196 Stefan Bajcetic – Liverpool FC
197 Thiago Alcantara – Liverpool FC
198 Fabio Carvalho – Liverpool FC
199 Bobby Clark – Liverpool FC
200 James Ward-Prowse – Southampton
201 Lucas Paqueta – West Ham United
202 Kyle Walker-Peters – Southampton
203 Che Adams – Southampton
204 Stuart Armstrong – Southampton
205 Mohammed Salisu – Southampton
206 Adam Armstrong – Southampton
207 Mohamed Elyounoussi – Southampton
208 Moussa Djenepo – Southampton
209 Sekou Mara – Southampton
210 Gavin Bazunu – Southampton
211 Romeo Lavia – Southampton
212 Joe Aribo – Southampton
213 Armel Bella-Kotchap – Southampton
214 Mark Travers – AFC Bournemouth
215 Kieffer Moore – AFC Bournemouth
216 Chris Mepham – AFC Bournemouth
217 Jefferson Lerma – AFC Bournemouth
218 Philip Billing – AFC Bournemouth
219 Ryan Christie – AFC Bournemouth
220 Lewis Cook – AFC Bournemouth
221 Lloyd Kelly – AFC Bournemouth
222 Jordan Zemura – AFC Bournemouth
223 Dominic Solanke – AFC Bournemouth
224 Ben Pearson – AFC Bournemouth
225 Marcus Tavernier – AFC Bournemouth
226 Jaidon Anthony – AFC Bournemouth
227 Marcos Senesi – AFC Bournemouth
228 Alex Iwobi – Everton
229 Jordan Pickford – Everton
230 Abdoulaye Doucoure – Everton
231 James Tarkowski – Everton
232 Anthony Gordon – Everton
233 Conor Coady – Everton
234 Billy Gilmour – Brighton & Hove Albion
235 Vitalii Mykolenko – Everton
236 Demarai Gray – Everton
237 Idrissa Gueye – Everton
238 Pervis Estupinan – Brighton & Hove Albion
239 Dwight McNeil – Everton
240 Amadou Onana – Everton
241 Nathan Patterson – Everton
242 Leander Dendoncker – Aston Villa
243 Ruben Neves – Wolverhampton Wanderers
244 Pedro Neto – Wolverhampton Wanderers
245 Nelson Semedo – Wolverhampton Wanderers
246 Goncalo Guedes – Wolverhampton Wanderers
247 Raul Jimenez – Wolverhampton Wanderers
248 Rayan Ait-Nouri – Wolverhampton Wanderers
249 Daniel Podence – Wolverhampton Wanderers
250 Jose Sa – Wolverhampton Wanderers
251 Max Kilman – Wolverhampton Wanderers
252 Jonny – Wolverhampton Wanderers
253 Hee-chan Hwang – Wolverhampton Wanderers
254 Chem Campbell – Wolverhampton Wanderers
255 Matheus Nunes – Wolverhampton Wanderers
256 Illan Meslier – Leeds United
257 Patrick Bamford – Leeds United
258 Jack Harrison – Leeds United
259 Brenden Aaronson – Leeds United
260 Pascal Struijk – Leeds United
261 Rodrigo Moreno – Leeds United
262 Daniel James – Fulham
263 Marc Roca – Leeds United
264 Diego Llorente – Leeds United
265 Tyler Adams – Leeds United
266 Joe Gelhardt – Leeds United
267 Luis Sinisterra – Leeds United
268 Rasmus Kristensen – Leeds United
269 Robin Koch – Leeds United
270 Sam Greenwood – Leeds United
271 Lucas Digne – Aston Villa
272 Philippe Coutinho – Aston Villa
273 Ollie Watkins – Aston Villa
274 Emiliano Martinez – Aston Villa
275 Ezri Konsa – Aston Villa
276 Leon Bailey – Aston Villa
277 Matty Cash – Aston Villa
278 John McGinn – Aston Villa
279 Emiliano Buendia – Aston Villa
280 Douglas Luiz – Aston Villa
281 Tyrone Mings – Aston Villa
282 Jacob Ramsey – Aston Villa
283 Danny Ings – Aston Villa
284 Boubacar Kamara – Aston Villa
285 Alexander Isak – Newcastle United
286 Harry Kane – Tottenham Hotspur
287 Pierre Emile Hojbjerg – Tottenham Hotspur
288 Richarlison – Tottenham Hotspur
289 Eric Dier – Tottenham Hotspur
290 Hugo Lloris – Tottenham Hotspur
291 Heung-Min Son – Tottenham Hotspur
292 Emerson Royal – Tottenham Hotspur
293 Dejan Kulusevski – Tottenham Hotspur
294 Cristian Romero – Tottenham Hotspur
295 Yves Bissouma – Tottenham Hotspur
296 Ivan Perisic – Tottenham Hotspur
297 Rodrigo Bentancur – Tottenham Hotspur
298 Solly March – Brighton & Hove Albion
299 Ryan Sessegnon – Tottenham Hotspur
300 Djed Spence – Tottenham Hotspur

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